The Green Initiative

@ Silverbrook

The Green Initiative at Silverbrook Elementary is helping save the Earth and local families in need of support.  Last year, we collected over 8,000 pounds of unopened/uneaten food items during lunch time to donate to the Lorton Community Action Center, our local Food Bank.  This is all food that would have just been thrown away! 

The program is run by our Librarian, Robena Barham, and with the help of volunteers from our community. They work every day to help our children learn about the importance of recycling and helping others in need. 

But, they can't do it without your help!  We need volunteers daily to help with this program.  The time commitment is from 11:15 to 1:05.  Please volunteer for our Cafeteria Recycling Program so that this program has another successful year!

Contact Mrs. Robena Barham ( for more information.  THINK GREEN!

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