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The Silverbrook Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created for the purpose of supporting the education of children at our school by fostering relationships among the school, parents/guardians, and teachers. Membership in the PTO is open to all families and staff members of the Silverbrook community, and all are encouraged to participate.


The PTO operates on an annual budget, which is approved by a PTO membership vote. All members of the Silverbrook PTO that attend the monthly PTO meetings have voting privileges. The PTO collects funds for three major areas of activity: yearly membership dues are collected to satisfy operating costs of the PTO; the Annual Giving Campaign, held each fall, is the primary PTO fundraiser and funds the PTO contributions back to the school for the year; and PTO event and activity fees are collected to cover expenses related to those specific events/activities.


The Silverbrook PTO Board represents the membership. Our board is comprised of both the PTO members who were elected into Board positions and Silverbrook’s principal, Dr. Pamela Simpkins. The Board meets on a monthly basis throughout the school year, and Board members, along with other appointed PTO members, manage the organizational and financial aspects of all the PTO functions. 

The success of the Silverbrook PTO can be measured in the cooperative spirit with which parents and staff work together to support the growth and education of Silverbrook students and teachers.  

Current PTO Board

President |  Hillary Munoz

Vice President of Programs | Kate Volpe

Vice President of Activities | Elizabeth DeMaio

Vice President of Fundraising | Theresa Hull

Treasurer | Emily Long

Secretary | Nitika Mittal Sood

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