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The Seahawks Strong Annual Giving Campaign Explained

The Seahawks Strong Annual Giving Campaign is the once-a-year fundraising drive conducted by the Silverbrook Elementary PTO to benefit our students, teachers, and school environment. 

Silverbrook Elementary PTO Needs Its Seahawk Families to Help! Your donations help fund:

  • Teacher and Classroom Support

  • Field Trips and School Events

  • School Beautification and Improvement Projects

  • Additional School Requests

Our school-wide goal to support this year's budget is $25,000! This is just over $35 a student and an extremely realistic and attainable goal! We hope you can help us blow this goal out of the water, so we can dream even bigger for our staff and students this year!! [$50 per student would easily get us to our stretch goal and ensure that the PTO has the funds to provide even more awesome for our students and staff!]

If you are ready to make your tax-deductible contribution to this year's campaign,
please visit our Seahawk Shop!


Sometimes we all need a little extra incentive to get involved, and our kiddos are no different! We are hoping that the following prizes help keep everyone motivated! 

Any student that donates, regardless of the amount, will receive a Silverbrook Key Chain 

  • If a Class Meets Classroom Goal of $1,000: Each class that meets their class goal will win a prize!

  • If the School reaches this year's Seahawks Strong Goal: A Seahawk Stronger Spirit Event

  • If the School reaches our STRETCH Goal: Earn a surprise for the whole school!

I am ready to help!



Talk to your Seahawk! 

The benefit of this fundraising model is that you and your family can pick the best way for you to donate. You can decide on your family's contribution and directly donate to the campaign - just visit the Seahawk Shop or fill out the form that came home with your student. 

Or, you can choose the fundraising activity that best suits the interests of your Seahawk. Do they want to challenge themselves to a personal read-a-thon? Do they want to run a lemonade stand for earn their donation? This choose-your-own fundraising model has something that works for everyone! You can even organize multiple kids from your child's class to work together.


Involve Your Family and Friends​!

Our families are busy, and the PTO knows that! We don't have time to sell chocolate or other traditional fundraisers. That's why this direct donation model was adopted over a decade ago!  This also means that your donation to our 501.c.3 is completely tax deductible. Consider asking your family and friends to support your Seahawk's fundraising plan!


Carry Out Your Plan before November 17th!

If you are ready to donate, as we said, you can head on over to the Seahawk Shop. If your Seahawk needs some time, please just have everything wrapped up by November 4th!


Submit Your Donation

When you are ready, head over to the Seahawk Shop and process your donation! You can also send your donation in a closed envelope with your Seahawk. In either case, please make sure your Seahawk's name and teacher's name is clearly indicated in order for their class to receive credit for your hard work!

Okay, I have heard enough! I am ready!

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