Afterschool Enrichment Programs (Spring 2018)

Girls on the Run (grades 3-6) 

Youth development program for girls grades 3-6 in teams of 8-20 girls. This ​10-week curriculum teaches girls to be strong, healthy and confident. Discuss topics like positive thinking, standing up to peer pressure, positive body image, and healthy relationships. Celebratory 5K run to end the season. Open to friends and family!


PROGRAM DATES: March 5th - May 20th

TUITION: $175/$150 (military/sibling discount)

REGISTER HERE (Now through Feb 26)

Chess Club with US Chess Center (grades 2-6)

Chess club combines skill-appropriate lessons with adequate time for the students to practice and play. Students are grouped by chess ability so that all are challenged. All that is required is a desire to learn!  The club philosophy places a low priority on winning.  Instead, students will focus on improving their skills.  Good sportsmanship is the key to having fun.


PROGRAM DATES: Feb 8 – May 24, 2018 (no chess club on March 29th)

TUITION: 15 Sessions ($88 for new players & $78 for players returning from the Fall of 2017) 

REGISTER HERE (Spring Registration opens Jan 3rd)

Graphic Design with STEM exCEL (grades 4-6)

Graphic Design will teach students to think about art in a pragmatic way so they may consider every aspect of the composition to create stronger pieces. Students will learn about typography, branding, positive/negative spacing, color theory, orientation, contrast and eye movement to create art with the user in mind. Our instructors will inspire and advise students to utilize these professional techniques in a fun and creative way, to create great works students will bring home with them at the end of the course.

MEETING DAYS: FRIDAYS, 3:40 - 4:40pm

PROGRAM DATES: Mar 16 - May 4, 2017 (no class on Mar 30 & Apr 13) 

TUITION: $100 for 6 meetings


Comic Book Illustration with STEM exCEL (grades 1-3)

Let students explore the incredible world of Comic Book Illustration and learn to take their creativity to a whole new level! Students will learn about character development, storyboarding, panelling, story design, color theory and how to hone their art style. Instructors will teach students how to create comics using tradition art along with digital software, so they may work comfortably in whichever medium they prefer. By the end of the course, each student will leave with their very own comic book they created in class, along with a strong introduction to digital art processes and comic composition concepts.

MEETING DAYS: FRIDAYS, 3:40 - 4:40pm

PROGRAM DATES: Mar 16 - May 4, 2017 (no class on Mar 30 & Apr 13) 

TUITION: $100 for 6 meetings



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